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Bag Design

A Big Fat Branding Project

I’ve totally neglected this blog. I’m sorry. I’ve been working on a big project deadline that had me living in the studio for the first two weeks of this term, but now that I’ve finished, I’ll show you what I’ve done. As mentioned in a previous post, the brief was to devise the creative strategy […]

Launch Event Invite

The Festival of Draw

Very quick weekend post. Christmas is over. I have given myself so much to do over the next week before term starts again. At the moment I’m working on my consumerism project–inventing and designing my own art and design brand. My company is called DRAW, and in a nutshell it seeks to get creative people […]

A step up from Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough

In second year at UCF we were lucky enough to go to Amsterdam to have a nose around a number of different design studios. We spent last week walking all over the city, visited Sid Lee, Dolly Rogers and Trapped in Suburbia among others, and the topic of today’s post is the work of Design […]

Tricota Calma

Muy Bueno Estudio Tricota

I really should be posting about work relevant to the projects I’m working on, or my own work for that matter, and I will, but I just saw this on The Behance Network and I want to show it to you. This is a project by Estudio Tricota, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The catalogue, […]

A Bunch of Fives

A Bunch of Fives

Researching book and editorial work for a current project, I’ve come across ‘A Bunch of Fives’. The Designers Republic have produced a book to mark their 25th birthday, asking a number of highly respected designers to visually respond to the question, ‘What does 5 mean to you?’ It looks to me like a really exciting […]

This is Real Good

I’ve been trying to post something for about three days now, and I’m being told it’s an invalid request – I thought this was a blog, is posting something not the most common request?! Fingers crossed this one works, because I’m ready to head butt the screen in frustration. Anyway, starting me off is the […]