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Emma Clarke

A totally unrelated appreciation of people with a sense of humour

I’ve just come across something really funny, so although it’s not design, I’m going to share it. But please forgive me if everyone else has seen it and I’ve missed it, it was done in 2007! I’m looking at guerilla advertising and ways of catching people on the commute, and came across this website. Emma […]

Tricota Calma

Muy Bueno Estudio Tricota

I really should be posting about work relevant to the projects I’m working on, or my own work for that matter, and I will, but I just saw this on The Behance Network and I want to show it to you. This is a project by Estudio Tricota, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The catalogue, […]

I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon…

…and start my own blog. I’ll learn a lot by doing this, and all the big kids are telling me I should. I’ll post about work I like, I’ll show you some of my own – the good, the bad and the ugly – and hopefully I’ll start to realise what I like doing or […]