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Tessa Kiros Cookbook

A combination of my two favourite things

…three in fact. Design, cooking and Kefalonia. I don’t know how I’ve not talked about this already. I’m in the midst of writing the brief for my self-initiated project. Primarily, I’m going to look at Britain’s food habits, and I want to explore how we lost our food culture and became a nation of eating […]

RNLI catalogue cover

Typography—who knew?

I’ve just completed my first big typography project, and I totally underestimated how much there is to learn! Orphans, widows, en dashes, em dashes, ellipses, ligatures, quote marks and prime marks, single or double? THE LIST IS ENDLESS. The brief was to design a catalogue for the RNLI exhibition, ‘Saving Lives at Sea—Celebrating the RNLI.’ The […]

RNLI Catalogue 4

I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth

Apologies for the lack of recent posts, I’ve been earning money for next term—the more I earn now, the more money I’ll have to spend on the luxury that is COLOUR printing next term. One of our typography projects this semester is to design a catalogue for the National Maritime Museum RNLI exhibition. I thought […]

A Bunch of Fives

A Bunch of Fives

Researching book and editorial work for a current project, I’ve come across ‘A Bunch of Fives’. The Designers Republic have produced a book to mark their 25th birthday, asking a number of highly respected designers to visually respond to the question, ‘What does 5 mean to you?’ It looks to me like a really exciting […]

One may lead to twenty six

There’s a new series of penguin classics coming, and I WANT THEM ALL. The new series of classic literature is all thanks to the collaboration between Jessica Hische and Paul Buckley. Hische is an illustrator and letter designer, best known for her daily drop cap blog. The series, however, shows us all new creations of the […]