A combination of my two favourite things

three in fact. Design, cooking and Kefalonia. I don’t know how I’ve not talked about this already. I’m in the midst of writing the brief for my self-initiated project. Primarily, I’m going to look at Britain’s food habits, and I want to explore how we lost our food culture and became a nation of eating on-the-go, ready-meals and processed foods—to the point where Britain became blissfully unaware horse-meat eaters!

This upcoming project reminded my of one of my favourite books, Food From Many Greek Kitchens by Tessa Kiros. It is hands down one the most beautiful things I’ve ever owned. The author herself was born in London and grew up in South Africa. Her mother is from Finland, and her father Greek-Cypriot. She married an Italian and now lives in Tuscany. I think it’s fair to say she knows a thing or two about culture! Kiros celebrates family cooking, passing down recipes and includes memories and stories throughout the book. All eight of her recipe books are designed to be perused through at leisure and take you on the most colourful journey. Food From Many Greek Kitchens truly showcases everything Greek culture has to offer. I’ve visited my cousins in Kefalonia for years now and the photography and illustration in the book captures everything about the place, from the food to the landscape, and the family-run tavernas to the greek traditions. The book was published by Murdoch books, the art direction and design by Lisa Greenberg, and I’m sure a number of other talented illustrators and photographers helped bring it together. It’s not just a cookbook, but a printed representation of Tessa Kiros’ values and her international spirit. Falling Cloudberries and Venetian Journey look like they’re equally as beautiful. In fact I wish I had all 8 books. Anyway, I’ll leave you with a quote of hers, ‘Whether it’s breakfast,lunch, dinner, or a more important festival, food is one of the main accessories, I’d say. Something that brings and weaves places, people and time together.’ Isn’t that lush?







And all her books…

TessaKiros 6


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