Eye Candy in M&S

I’ve had this blog at the back of my mind for days…weeks in fact. I’ve got so much to show but haven’t found the time amongst all the projects this term. Easter holidays now so time to update the diary!

I’ve turned into an annoying graphic designer. I can’t help but comment on the packaging when I’m doing a food shop. I was in Marks & Spencer’s the other day—I don’t know why, I can’t afford M&S food? But I noticed some lovely packaging for their sugar-free sweets. The work comes from Rachel Cave, a freelance pattern designer based in London. She’s designed patterns for fashion, homeware, interiors, stationery, etc. As it turns out, I bought one of her pencilcases in Paperchase a while back. I love the patterns, they’re colourful and retro but much softer and more appealing than the old, striped designs. Although quite different, I’ve been working on some pattern designs for a packaging project myself, seeing these sweets in M&S really encouraged me. I’ve been heading in the right direction, all I need to do now is battle with illustrator to get them finished and looking good!

Rachel Cave

M&S Packaging

M&S Packaging


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