I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth

Apologies for the lack of recent posts, I’ve been earning money for next term—the more I earn now, the more money I’ll have to spend on the luxury that is COLOUR printing next term. One of our typography projects this semester is to design a catalogue for the National Maritime Museum RNLI exhibition. I thought it was high time I posted some work of my own, so before I start editing the finer details and driving myself insane with typographic elements, here’s a totally unfinished, half-way there, drafted version of my A5 catalogue.

I’m trying to design a book that’s easy to navigate your way around, has a strong and clear system tying it all together, and a pace that keeps you turning pages. The typefaces I’ve chosen are Futura (Condensed) and Bodoni. Firstly, they compliment each other well, there’s a good contrast between the fixed stroke width of Futura, and the varied stroke width within Bodoni, but that said, geometrically they’re not that different.  They play different roles, but sit alongside each other nicely. They don’t reference the time period or the Britishness of the RNLI, but for me, saving lives isn’t a culture or time-based thing. Futura Condensed is strong and efficient, it’s got a certain power to it that I would associate with RNLI lifeboatmen saving lives in rough seas. Whereas with Bodoni, you get a softer, friendlier feel. This typeface captures the warmth and emotion that goes into risking your own life to save others. As a whole, I want to get a balance between bold photography, and quieter text. That way they should compliment each other and one will make the other stand out more. I’m using the lines and hooks as an assistant to the type, and to hold the text ‘afloat’.

As I said, it’s not there yet, but here’s a few examples of what I’ve got so far. (Please excuse the bad quality, funny-coloured images, click on them and they get better.)

RNLI Catalogue CoverRNLI Catalogue ContentsRNLI Catalogue BiographyRNLI Catalogue Quote 1RNLI Catalogue ExtractRNLI catalogue Quote 2


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