A step up from Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough

Kapiti Ice CreamKapiti Ice CreamKapiti Ice Cream

In second year at UCF we were lucky enough to go to Amsterdam to have a nose around a number of different design studios. We spent last week walking all over the city, visited Sid Lee, Dolly Rogers and Trapped in Suburbia among others, and the topic of today’s post is the work of Design Bridge. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the larger agencies, wondering how personal they would be, and how well they look after the younger designers in the company. We were given a presentation by the creative director of the Amsterdam office, Claire Parker. She talked to us about their approach to design, how they work, projects they’d done, dos and dont’s in design, etc. I came out feeling impressed, optimistic and the right side of intimidated- yes there is such a thing. One project I particularly liked was the redesign of Kapiti Luxury Ice Cream. This company was under threat of being delisted from many of New Zealand’s top restaurants simply because of the bad packaging. Feedback was that the flavours were really attractive and contemporary, the quality was perfect, but sadly the packaging just didn’t appeal to customers. Design Bridge sought to ‘uncover Kapiti’s heart and soul: dedication to the sheer quality of the product and near-obsessive enthusiasm for creating innovative flavours.’ The packaging reflects the interesting flavours in the stylish, contemporary, fabric-like designs, making Kapiti ice cream a fashionable must-have product. You can now picture the consumer, dressed head to toe in designer gear, taking fig and honey ice cream home to their swish new kitchen, eating it with an ergonomic spoon, and so on. It’s aimed at the lifestyle conscious individual, Design Bridge understood the audience and beelined straight for them.


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