Muy Bueno Estudio Tricota

Tricota Calma

Tricota Calma2

Tricota Calma3

Tricota Calma4

Tricota Calma5

I really should be posting about work relevant to the projects I’m working on, or my own work for that matter, and I will, but I just saw this on The Behance Network and I want to show it to you. This is a project by Estudio Tricota, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The catalogue, posters and video promote ‘CALMA–Festival De Musica Folk.’ See here for more. It’s exactly the kind of style I’m always drawn to. They’ve found a really good balance between type, geometry, colour and photography.  It’s an exciting, contemporary and clean body of work, with a good rhythm and variation,  but there’s a strong overall holistic tying it all together. Have a look at some of their other work, it’s really impressive.

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